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Assorted Guitarpicks Wholesale
This is the Wholesale Guitar Pick Website!  The place where everyone buys their guitarpicks cheap and by the bagful!!. 


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Or Send $14.40 to:  Guitarpicks, P.O. Box 6554, Gulfport, Ms 39507

All orders are shipped US Priority Mail
144 Guitarpicks
Get a 144 stylish guitarpicks for just $14.40.  Assorted shapes, gauges, sizes, colors and name brands.

10 cents per pick
Why pay 25 and 75 for just ONE guitarpick?  You don't have to ever again!!

Now you get an entire gross of guitarpicks for just $14.40!!  That's 144 stylish guitarpicks at only 10 a pick!!

Free Pick Offer
Write us a letter telling us why you love Assorted Guitarpicks Wholesale and we will send you a free guitarpick.  

Be sure to include a self addressed stamped envelope and mail your letters to:  P.O. Box 6554, Gulfport, Ms 39507

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